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Faith Mesnekoff, P.A.

Faith Mesnekoff

Criminal Defense LAwyer

Ms. Mesnekoff represents people at all stages of proceedings, including:

          ·  Extradition to and from foreign countries

          ·  Investigations by Federal and State government agencies, including but not limited to

theFBI, FDIC, SEC, Secret Service, DEA, IRS, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, FDA and FDLE, involving interviews sought by government prosecutors and agents, as well as

Grand Jury matters relating to both witnesses and targets, including subpoenas of persons and of records    Pre-Indictment proceedings, such as Grand Jury matters, arrests, negotiations with government attorneys and searches of persons and premises

          ·  Pre-Trial proceedings, including Initial Appearance, Bond and Detention Hearings, Motion to Suppress Hearings, and all other matters arising in this context

          ·  Trials, jury and non-jury

          ·  Post-Conviction Proceedings in the Trial Court, such as Sentencing, Motions to Reduce Sentences and Petitions for Writ of Habeas Corpus pursuant to 28 U.S.C. ”2254 & 2255 and Federal Bureau of Prisons matters

          ·  Appeals to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit and the Florida Third District Court of Appeals, and Petitions for Writ of Certiorari to the United States Supreme Court.

          ·  International Treaty Transfers (transfer of offenders to and from the United States and foreign countries, pursuant to United States= bilateral prisoner transfer treaties, the OAS Convention and the Council of Europe Convention)

          ·  Representation of people charged with federal and state offenses, ranging from fraud involving mortgages, health care, use of wires (mail, internet and telephone), bank, tax and Social Security, to money laundering, immigration violations (alien smuggling, illegal reentry, etc.), criminal contempt, travel to and trading with prohibited nations (violations of Trading with the Enemy Act), crimes on federal property, such as National Parks and military bases, all types of drug-related offenses and offenses involving the use of force against person or property, and violations of laws designed to protect the environment, such as the Lacey Act.

Ms. Mesnekoff has chaired the Dade County Bar Association (DCBA) Federal Court Committee and served on the DCBA Professionalism Committee. In addition to serving on several other local bar association and law-related committees, she has served on the National Legal

Committee of the American Jewish Committee (

Ms. Mesnekoff belongs to the Florida Association for Women Lawyers and the Federal Bar Association.

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